“A complete learning and development for every age through activities with expert therapists and professionals who are an inspiration in their field.”


    “An early childhood development program which combines learning and fun in a warm environment with passionate teachers which discovers every child’s exploring and creative ability.”


    “The best and secured daycare with a scheduled routine, grooming, feeding and playing with joy, love, care and protection.”


    “We believe that more often the children are exposed to nature, the happier, healthier and brighter they become.”


    “Children learn and understand to the best of their capability when exposed to social environment.”

  • Chrysalis Nature Love

    "The Earlier and more often children are exposed to nature, the happier, healthier and brighter they become."


Welcome to Chrysalis

We are a top-notch youngster care administrations association that gives a superior kid care and training experience. Each youngster's security, learning, and advancement is generally imperative to us. We collaborate with guardians to fabricate the right establishment for future learning and the life of the kids. We lay uncommon accentuation on the erudite person, passionate, intellectual, and stylish improvement as a kid care focus is center of reasoning, thinking, and fundamental abilities advancement. Our focuses are outfitted with covered floors and unique delicate dividers guaranteeing the wellbeing of our newborn children and babies. We have prepared experts obliging the everyday needs of our kids. We additionally have safe open-air exercises and play in our elite child's nursery. Our Early instruction programs educational plan depends on a logical examination. We guarantee everyday and straightforward correspondence consistently with the guardians.
Crucial of going through the excursion of Milestone which becomes recollections for the life has been in the educational plan of chrysalis preschool, Daycare and Activity Hub. We as a group have faith in giving experiential learning in our everyday schedule which helps in boosting, thinking, and imbibe inquiry-based model. Our featured daily routine helps children with the speaking and presentation technique which becomes a crucial part of the personality to help and making expressing easy to put the thoughts across.
  • Child-friendly learning and experiments
  • Crossed ventilation classrooms
  • We see we believe (Live CCTV)
  • Medical assistant (Nurse) available on-premises
  • 1/4 premises for Joy play area
  • Safe and Secured Premises
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11 September 2021

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt helps children use their presence of mind which ultimately enhances and increases the level of thinking and creativity. It helps them to encounter the everyday challenges they feel in school or in their environment.

12 September 2021

Science and Discovery

Science and Discovery are the two most important segments of every individual's life cycle. It gives exposure to discover the child's own capability of exploring and learning which boosts their inner spirit and confidence to experiment with new things.

13 September 2021

Threading Creativity

Thread Activity ensures development of fine motor skills and patience level among the individuals to make and develop them into great and inspiring personalities.

14 September 2021


A concept which helps to learn and understand children the roots of our culture as well as it also explains how the basic foundation of everything and every individual should be strong enough which later helps develop into a strong and impressive personality.