Chrysalis Daycare

Chrysalis Daycare is a protected and secured daycare center with a nurtured environment that emphatically connects with and commends youngsters and their families through an elite childcare emotionally supportive network. Chrysalis Daycare is a faculty of experienced instructors with solid foundation in care-giving and early years realizing, who customize the experience to oblige every kid's passionate, social and scholarly necessities. It gives a vibe to the students to sprout to the best of their potential unafraid, inconvenience or compromise. Chrysalis Preschool and Daycare has a protected environment that prompts in building charming beloved recollections by encouraging a feeling of belongingness. The brilliant and innovative climate in the daycare causes them to feel ready to become unconstrained students on our grounds. All educators and care staff individuals nearby and the constant CCTV reconnaissance in like manner spaces of the school keeps the school in a casual setting with just the clamoring energy of the little ones distinguishable.


At Chrysalis, teachers and our staff are committed and compassionate and love their job. They act as facilitators who become partners in the learning process with the learners, by encouraging them to find their answers instead of providing them with the answers directly. They ensure an age-appropriate, engaging environment with adequate time to satisfy their curious mind with a lot of hands-on activities. With learning through play and the empathetic nurturing provided by the facilitators, the learners excel in all aspects of development- personal, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. Each staff member at Chrysalis undergoes an extensive training program and leads by example; exhibiting the vision, philosophy and values of the school, thereby fostering them in the children.

Chrysalis Daycare program is segmented into parts as follows:


6 months to 10 years of age:

Chrysalis offers entire day and broadened childcare for kids between the ages of a 6 months to10 years old. As we understand that these early years are cheerful as well as a time of quick mental health where consistently, every collaboration and every commitment establishes the framework for all discovering that is to follow.

We are an organized, age suitable educational program for the early years of a child’s mental and physical development.

Various open air and indoor play zones with a children-friendly library that has a collection of all the extraordinary books which help them engage into many vocational activities and reading hobbies.

Sufficiently bright, ventilated, temperature-controlled rooms, kept up with in arrangement with tough wellbeing and cleanliness guidelines.

Quality-controlled kitchen to serve healthfully adjusted, dietician-arranged, snacks and snacks.

Our Daycare is under CCTV surveillance that helps to keep the record of all the activities of the children.

A day at Chrysalis Daycare:
  • Arrival and Free Play
  • Circle Time & Introduction
  • Snack Break
  • Outdoor Play
  • Exploring the Learning Centers
  • Story time, Music & Movement, Role Play
  • Lunch & Nap
  • Freshen Up – Outdoor/Evening Activities
  • Snacks


Up to 10 Years

Chrysalis, a joint effort with master accomplices in different regions, brings to you an unrivaled ‘After School Daycare Program’ (ASDP) for more established youngsters who go to formal schools and are searching for an additional a curricular program after school.

The program is organized with different exercises where youngsters can keep on investigating, learn, play and develop. It targets helping your youngster's comprehensive advancement which incorporates his/her physical and enthusiastic prosperity.

The Chrysalis’s After School Day Care (ASDC) program can be customized by what suits you and your little ones best.

You can pick the standard ASDC program and extra a couple of meetings directed by our accomplices. You can likewise settle on the enhancement program where your little one can go to at least one of the meetings directed by our accomplices.


3 Years to 10 Years

Emergency Daycare (9 am – 6 pm) is accessible just for guardians who are enlisted for the assistance. Parents /Guardians, who need to leave kids in a safe and secured environment, while taking care of dire assignments, can pick this assistance. Please contact Chrysalis Daycare for more details.

Chrysalis Standards

Cleanliness and Safety

As far as we might be concerned, cleanliness and the wellbeing of kids matters a great deal. This has converted into us taking total consideration in keeping up with cleanliness in our Pre-School and Daycare and being master wellbeing. We've presented and executed security and cleanliness gauges in the entirety of our Pre-Schools and have likewise outfitted them with CCTV cameras.


Our centers are spacious and designed accordingly to the liking of children’s interests filled with toys and books. The classrooms are wide and spacious enough to carry out indoor activities such as painting, basic art and crafts learning activities.

Supervised Play & Departure

Chrysalis Daycare program gives top tier care to your youngster. The essential guardian for your kid is a sustaining kid improvement proficient and is liable for your child's developmental occasions.

Novel Delivery Method

Like our educational plan, we've contrived our helping system to suit the age bunch. Throughout the long term, we have consummated the specialty of first drawing the kid's consideration and afterward keeping his/her brain connected with and making the learning system fascinating and retaining.

Learning with Care and Engagement

The age-fitting exercises at Chrysalis Daycare center helps in building Executive Function Skills, social abilities and cooperation among kids, and assist them with learning new things. We take complete care of all our students giving them a homely vibe. Considering the protection and the safety of children we always keep the first –aid kit ready with on call doctors. Alongside this, the Pre-School and Daycare additionally does the accompanying:

  • The open air exercises guarantee actual prosperity of the kids
  • We keep the kids cheerful and connected with through a general media region and fitting toys
  • The assortment of kids' books at the library improves kids' understanding capacities
Specialized Staff

We give a great deal of consideration to the nature of staff utilized at Chrysalis Every instructor at Chrysalis is qualified and prepared to give training in a cordial and creative way. Furthermore, we additionally carry out the accompanying measures:

We utilize all around prepared set up and furnish them with ordinary preparing

  • We lead historical verifications for all utilized staff
  • We guarantee clinical wellness of the staff

Infant Care

One of our generally pursued projects, the infant child care, has formative and age fitting educational program that welcomes investigation and praises the significant achievements that go about as change from earliest stages towards the dynamic and more free universe of little children.

The newborn child space is solely planned with wellbeing and security of the little ones at the top of the priority list. The program is for infants matured 5 months – 15 months. It urges the kid to:

  • Investigate a rich tangible climate loaded up with various encounters of sights, sounds, surfaces and sensations.
  • Foster fine engine abilities and climate to develop, turn over and pull up, slither and venture out into the world. Foster a feeling of local area that helps your kid structure connections that encourage a feeling of safety and trust.
  • Investigate the world with all around organized learning zones and materials which flash interest and give various encounters.