Facilities at Chrysalis

Facilities which are cherished and enjoyed!
Because for your child, nothing but the best would do!

6 months to 10 years of age:

The facilities at Chrysalis are uniquely designed to provide a safe, stimulating and fun learning environment for every child that gives playful learning experience. Our campus is equipped with learning spaces that have:

  • Age Appropriate Lead free toys and learning aids
  • Large play areas lit by natural light
  • Learning centers for music and movement, storytelling, art and literary enrichment activities
  • Temperature controlled indoor environments
  • Secure Access Systems and real time CCTV access
  • Projector Teaching and Learning
  • Indoor activities and games

A sneak peak of Chrysalis:

Health and Nutrition

We focus on summing up of all the health and nutritional activities that help in promoting the mental and physical well-being of children. Our expert pediatricians guide parents in terms of child food products as well as our teachers help children to connect to activities like gardening and agricultural which can give an insight to children regarding the how vegetables and fruits are obtained.

Learning Center

We have designed our classrooms in a pictorial and colorful way that will encourage children to participate in daily activities.


Our library includes activity and picture books that can help children to develop imagination skills and also enables them to engage and encourage in developing literature skills.

Indoor Games hub

Indoor games are most responsible for encouraging creativity and developing vital skills like interacting and improving imagination. We provide indoor games like Carom, Chess, Table tennis, etc. where one can develop a good presence of mind and Hand to Eye Co-ordination.

Hygiene and Environment

Teaching and supporting kids to clean up and wash hands whenever required is the absolute best method to showcase the importance of cleanliness and limit the spread of contaminations. Our teachers show them explicit hand washing strategies and time span washing. We ensure kids are shown strong hand-washing methodologies because they are probably going to keep utilizing those abilities into adulthood.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games helps in the physical development of children. They boost their creativity skills and let them acquire social skills. Outdoor games enable children to enjoy in natural environment and improve their overall health and muscle strength.