Safety as Key Function at Chrysalis

Health and Hygiene as Priority

Chrysalis team strongly believe in environment play as Important role in Healthy Development of children.

  • CDC Guidelines
  • Internationally followed guidelines for preschool
  • Tie-up with the Paediatric and hospital.
  • Fire safety management

Our Everyday safety Protocol

  • Safety Blanket for Children protocol
  • Parent safety Partners
  • Campus Sanitation
  • Disaster Management Planner Audit

Safety Blanket for Children protocol: Chrysalis Safety blanket protocol are as follow

School Blanket

  • Entering wearing Mask
  • Checking Temperature regularly
  • Sanitization of belongings
  • Washing Hand Alarm
  • Warm home-cooked food
  • Staggered arrangement for the everyday activities

Parent’s safety Partner

  • Checking Temperature of child and family staying in close contact.
  • Avoiding child access to public and crowded place
  • Arogya Setu app should be always on.
  • Sharing holiday and Travel history.
  • Certificate submission of vaccination of parents and people staying in close contact of child.
  • Informing and updating on nearby covid-19 cases in the residential of the child.

Campus Sanitization

  • Campus protocol Covid Fumigation every day before arrival
  • Temperature check regularly of staff before entering
  • Vaccinated staff only hired submission of Certification display on notice board
  • Deep cleaning and sanitation of entire campus.
  • All staff wearing sanitized clothes, face shield, mask all time

Disaster Management Protocol

Regularly Audit of Disaster management protocol will be followed.

Chrysalis Safety Protocol Journey of Everyday Life